Andy and Helen Have Their Day

Andy and helen day

Original airdate
December 14, 1964
Directed by
Written by


Andy and Helen go on a picnic but are plagued by constant interruptions from Barney, Goober and others.


When Andy and Helen realize they are so busy they don't have time for each other, Barney decides to give them the gift of a day alone together. Promising to take care of all their chores, Barney sends them for a Saturday picnic at Myers Lake. It goes very well--for the first two minutes. Then Barney shows up with the first of many problems. Andy eventually gets hauled away by a game warden for fishing without a license. Andy calls Barney to ask him to bring money to a neighboring town's justice of the peace to pay the fine, but instead of Barn, he gets Goober, who misunderstands the message. When Barney hears the message, he only gets parts of the message and thinks Andy and Helen are going to tie the knot.


  • Colin Male (who is also the announcer speaking the principals' names in the opening credits) is listed in the end credits as playing "Wormser", but in the episode he introduces himself by saying "My name's Peterson. I'm the game warden in this district."
  • Howard Morris appears as George the TV repairman, instead of his recurring role as Ernest T. Bass. He also directed this episode.
  • This is one of many times when Barney thinks Andy and Helen are secretly getting married.
  • The $25 fishing fine would be around $190 in today's money.
  • The two horror movies playing at The Grand (Mayberry Theater) the day of Andy and Helen's date that Opie and his friends go see are "The House of Blood" and "The Beast That Ate Minnesota".
  • Barney mentions that Myers Lake is located in Stokes County, which is an actual County in North Carolina. To the west, adjacent to Stokes County is Surry County, North Carolina which contains Mt. Airy (Andy Griffith's hometown).
  • When Goober goes to Helen's to pick up Andy and Helen to take them to Myers Lake for their picnic he refers to the movie "Picnic" and claims Cary Grant starred in the movie. Helen corrects Goober and tells him William Holden starred in "Picnic", not Cary Grant.
  • This is the second time Goober does his Cary Grant impersonation ("Judy, Judy, Judy"). The previous time Goober did this impersonation was in "The Fun Girls".


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