Andy Saves Gomer


Original airdate
March 16, 1964


Gomer believes Andy has saved his life, so he continuously tries to repay him.


Andy finds Gomer napping in the garage and snuffs out a small fire in a can full of oily rags. Gomer blows the whole incident out of proportion, and Andy must then deal with Gomer's indebtedness. Gomer offers himself to Andy as a slave for life. Desperate to get rid of Gomer, Andy tries to find a way to even the score by staging his own life-threating mishap. Gomer screws it up and Andy must save his life again, but this time he is able to manufacture a story to get Gomer off his back.


  • This episodes features the return of Floyd the Barber in a brief scene. Actor Howard McNear suffered a stroke during the third season which left him partially paralyzed. Floyd is visibly different in this episode, quieter and far less mobile. Despite McNear's limited mobility and failing health, he would play Floyd for three more seasons, finally bowing out before the eighth and final season. Howard McNear would pass away less than two years after leaving the show.
  • This episode is a rare example of a continuation of a previous episode. Barney continues the vacation Andy said he could take in the previous episode, Andy's Vacation.
  • This is only one of four TAGS episodes where Gomer's name appears in the title. The others being Gomer the House Guest, A Date for Gomer, and Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. (episode).
  • This concept was later used in the Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. (series) episode To Save a Life.



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