Andy's Rich Girlfriend


Original airdate
October 8, 1962
Directed by
Written by


Andy has a rich girlfriend who accuses him of being a snob.


Upon discovering that Andy's girlfriend Peg has a very wealthy father, Andy begins to think that the girl is out of his league. The episode starts with Andy, Barney, Thelma Lou and Peggy leaving Mom's Diner and going for a drive to the lake. Andy even "Hawk-Talks" to a nearby hawk. Barney takes it upon himself to "re-invent" Andy so that he'll be acceptable to Peggy's friends and family. The idea that he isn't good enough for Peggy begins to get to Andy. He begins to blow her off, canceling their plans, etc. Taking a ride to the lake alone, he sees Peggy skipping rocks. The two begin to have it out, Peggy even calling Andy a snob. The two eventually make up.



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