A Singer in Town


Original Airdate
April 11, 1966
Directed by
Written by


Aunt Bee's original song about Mayberry is a hit when a Rock 'n' Roll star plays it on his television show.



  • The words and music to "My Hometown" were written by "Andy Griffith Show" musical director Earle Hagen.
  • Keevy was either the first known "air" guitarist or the worst person to ever pretend he was playing guitar on TV. If his fingers even made it near the guitar strings, it was surely by accident.
  • The car Keevy drives is a 1965 Excalibur Series I
  • Goober tells Keevy theres a 2 story hotel in town when in fact the actual building is 4 stories



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The Battle of Mayberry Opie's Girlfriend

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