A Medal for Opie


Original airdate
February 12, 1962
Directed by
Written by
Frank Tarloff (credited as David Adler)

Opie decides that he is going to enter the 50 yard dash at the Sheriff's Day boys' races and he convinces himself that he is going to win.


For Opie, nothing would be greater that winning that medal. He dreams about winning and even prays for a win. Barney doesn't help things by telling him about the time he won a medal in a footrace as a boy and offers to train him for the race, guaranteeing him a win. When Opie comes in last, he is despondent and goes home in a grump. Andy tries to explain to him the meaning of being a good loser but Opie won't hear of it; that medal was his and the winner took it away from him. Once again, Barney suggests a solution. Barney begins to throw a fit and act up in front of Opie, but it's useless- Opie has already gotten his father's lesson, and Barney's lesson is pointless, yet funny none-the-less.


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Notes / TriviaEdit

  • Just before the race, Barney is standing in the center of a group shot with a whistle in his mouth. This shot cuts to a closeup of Barney winking, with no whistle. In the next group shot, Barney has the whistle in his mouth again.
  • Barney was known as "Barney the Rabbit" for his track speed.


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