"On my word as a gentleman."
―Gentleman Dan[src]
"Gentleman" Dan Caldwell
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Full Name Daniel Caldwell
Occupation Career criminal, thief and swindler
First Episode Andy and the Gentleman Crook
Last Episode Andy and the Gentleman Crook
Spin-off Appearances
Portrayed by Dan Tobin

Gentleman Dan Caldwell is one of the most famous and notorious guests the Mayberry Jail has ever housed. It's doesn't take much for Gentleman Dan to not only charm his way into the good graces of an already smitten Barney, but Opie and Aunt Bee also. A master of charm, Dan is treated practically like royalty when he locked up. Andy, however, is none too trusting of Mayberry's guest. Of course, it's not long before Dan turns the tables on his new found friends in an attempt to escape. It's Andy's quick thinking that saves the day and keeps Caldwell behind bars.


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

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